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“Just because you are straight doesn’t give you the right to refuse a transwomen sex after bringing her home just because she wasn’t born a girl.” I read your answer to this, but I have a question. (I’m a straight cis male). Am I really an asshole if I refuse to have sex with someone who was born with the body of a man, but now has the body of a woman? Do you realise if you’re straight you can’t be attracted to a fake (post surgery) woman body? 


I don’t “realize that,” no, because A) it’s not fake, it doesn’t use photoshop, Industrial Light and Magic doesn’t get hired to make vaginas, and B) if you’re a straight man, you’re attracted women, and since trans women are women then you’re straight if you like trans women, REGARDLESS of their body.

An OB/GYN, short of running a very specific test, wouldn’t know that a trans woman was transgender upon performing a physical examination of her body.

You’re not an asshole if you’re not into specific genitalia. Absolutely not. Trans women are women, but if you’re not into penis then you’re not into penis. But a vaginoplasty is something that a percentage of cis women have to have. It’s not something that’s trans specific. It’s not a “fake vagina,” it’s a vagina. Period.

Lets say you are looking at a naked woman. You’re turned on. You enjoy what you are seeing. Later on, she mentions that she has a transgender medical history. Suddenly, you’re turned off. It had nothing to do with her body - you liked that. It was the medical history that turned you off. That’s not you failing to be attracted to a human being because of who they are, that’s your transphobia reeling it’s ugly head.

I hope that helps.

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